It is nice to escape chilly and frosty winter weather by having a long vacation or holiday in a tropical country. On the other hand, before that, it is important to consider the things you need to bring when you’re traveling in a tropical country.  Below are some of my personal suggestions on what you should bring when you and your family decide to spend your vacation in a tropical country.

The very first thing you have to do is to search for a fair-sized suitcase. The size of luggage you’re going to purchase will depend on how long you’re staying in that destination. When I am traveling to a tropical country, usually I just bring a couple of clothes, and I just depend on the laundry services of the hotel or the inn I am staying. It’s better to limit the number of garments you are bringing with you, so you still have some space in your bag for souvenirs and gifts.

You would need to bring these following as well when traveling in a tropical country.

Light Garments or Clothes

I strongly advise you to bring light garments only. It would be best if you kept in mind that the temp in tropical countries is normally high throughout the year, with the exemption of rainy or wet seasons. I highly recommend you just to buy clothes made of soft and fresh fabrics like cotton. You need to avoid bringing clothes of leather or wool. You also need to avoid using clothes made of fur. Of course, you wouldn’t want to feel grimy as well as sweaty while you are wearing them.

Sensible Pair of Shoes

For me, a sensible pair of shoes is a must-have during your travel to tropical countries. You would want your footwear to feel comfortable as well as a light on your feet. On the other hand, you must also pick one who can keep your feet safe and sound from various kinds of elements. You also need to ensure that it is comfortable and made of high-quality materials. Make sure it survives the daily abuse. Avoid bringing new shoes. Usually, new shoes are uncomfortable to wear at first. Of course, you wouldn’t want to have sores and blisters on your foot while traveling. This will ruin your vacation. So, make sure you pay attention to this.

Flip flops or Slippers

I also recommend you guys to bring flip-flops when traveling to tropical countries. This can keep your feet comfortable and fresh, especially when you’re traveling during the hot or summer season in tropical countries. The leaves of your slippers must be made of high quality, comfortable rubber. You also need to ensure you’re not allergic to this kind of material.


Your travel to tropical countries will not be completed without an umbrella in your luggage. Usually, it rains in the tropics after a hot and humid day. While you can surely purchase one when you get there, you would like to be ready all the time. You may get caught in the rain while searching for accommodation. So, make sure to bring a high-quality umbrella with you.


Sun rays are plentiful in tropical countries. Keeps your skin safe and sound from sun rays using sunscreen products. This also keeps your skin safe from UVB and UVA rays. This will keep your skin strong and healthy and avoid skin irritation, sunburn, and even skin cancer. I highly recommend using a product with SPF 15. This is more reliable and effective in securing your skin from damage due to sun rays.


A good pair of sunglasses can keep your eye safe and sound from the glare of the sunlight. Any sunglasses will do, but you can opt to a different color if you want to be fashionable. This is easy to carry. You can put it in your purse or hand carry bag so you can easily find it when you want it.

The holiday must be fun and memorable. So, make sure to consider the tips above when you are planning to travel to tropical countries. I also recommend you do some research on the destination prior to booking a ticket. Happy vacation!