One of the best things about visiting Canada is that I had a world-class experience when I started my tour. Canada is not just a place of Canadiana and other stereotypes; it’s a place for adventure. There is stunning natural scenery from coast to coast, charming small towns, vibrant cities, colorful festivals, and loads of cultural activities. But which excursions are well worth planning a trip around? That’s what I’m going to reveal below.


Niagara Falls/ Toronto

I went on a weekend trip to Canada with friends. My friend and I flew into Toronto Pearson International Airport. We rented a car, drove to Niagara Falls, took a tour of the falls, and then walked over the Rainbow Bridge to see the Niagara Gorge up close.


I did some shopping in Niagara Falls and then drove through the countryside to Toronto. I visited Niagara Falls in February of 2019. It was winter there, so mostly everything was closed down for the season. The falls were still beautiful, though, whether you see them from above or below.


Icebergs in Newfoundland and Labrador

The awe-inspiring icebergs of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada are a marvel to see. The best time to see them is between May and September, when the iceberg season runs on the island’s east coast.


This is a popular destination for cruise liners from New York or New England to Sydney, Nova Scotia. With an abundance of wildlife, including whales, puffins, and eagles, anyone can get up close to nature in any of their national parks or camping sites along the Atlantic Canada coast. If you do consider camping, then don’t forget to carry all the necessary outdoor gear such as tents, backpacks, outdoor clothes, and whatever else you may need that you can purchase from an rei anchorage (or a location closer to you) store or website!


Calgary Stampede

Stampede Park is the annual Calgary Stampede site, which bills itself as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” The park includes rodeo grounds, exhibition buildings, and stables that house show animals. The park is also home to Fort Calgary historical site, considered to be Calgary’s first settlement.


While the Calgary Stampede is generally regarded as one of Canada’s premier annual summer festivals, it also serves a second purpose as a ten-day showcase of what Calgary has to offer. For visitors and tourists looking to see the best of the city, this is an excellent opportunity.


Maritime Provinces

It is not a secret that Canadian Maritime Provinces are among the most beautiful cities in the world. However, its history and present-day appeal make these cities irresistible. Visiting Maritimes is like seeing a movie set for a sailing movie. It’s the perfect destination for every single young couple.


These small provinces pack a lot of history and beauty into a tiny package. A highlight for the active adventurer is hiking in Cape Breton Highlands, which boasts some of the best views in Nova Scotia. The walking trails were built by Newfoundlanders who came over to work in the coal mines.


Lake Louise

Bow Valley Provincial Park is home to Lake Louise’s breathtaking, fed by the Bow River’s glacial waters. Known locally as ‘Big Lake’ and set against snowy peaks, it is one of Canada’s most photographed lakes. The lake itself is surrounded by two national parks – Banff and Jasper – and has three campgrounds overlooking it.


The Lake Louise area is a popular destination for photographers because of the Rocky Mountains’ beauty reflected in the lake. Most visitors to Lake Louise head straight for this famous sight via boat tours or a Banff trail. It is also possible to do some hiking around Lake Louise or try some fishing in nearby lakes.


The Rocky Mountains

Canada’s western province of Alberta is famous for its breathtaking Rocky Mountains. The World Heritage Site, Jasper National Park, is a favorite destination for many tourists. It is home to the Athabasca Glacier, a massive ice field that meets the Columbia Icefield.


For wildlife enthusiasts, Jasper offers opportunities to observe grizzly bears and bighorn sheep in their natural habitat. Take a three-day trip to Banff, Canada’s famous mountain playground. I will never forget seeing the mountains up close and hiking beneath the snow-clad peaks.


Canada has some beautiful places to visit! A Canada trip offers a wide choice of destinations and activities to enjoy. From the tranquility of lakeside cottage communities in Muskoka or a long weekend away in the Rockies. And with the great neighbors to the south, there are plenty of day-trips you can make for an afternoon or longer.