Traveling is one of my most treasured hobbies. I relish it because it allows me to take the much-needed breaks from my sometimes overwhelming work life. It also enables me to gain more knowledge about other states, their cultures, and cuisines. Again, all the adventures I’ve embarked on have helped me expand my social network and create unforgettable memories.


I have been to 22 foreign countries so far, and I hope to explore more in the future. Over the years, I have realized there are things that I shouldn’t do when traveling abroad. This helps to avoid time-consuming controversies, endangering my life or embarrassing myself and others. Below, I have curated a shortlist of these actions and the specific reasons I steer clear of them.


1. Clubbing Too Much/ Binge Drinking

When I’m discovering a foreign state, I try not to club a lot or drink too much alcohol. I’m not insinuating that there’s any harm in having a little fun, but many things could go sideways when one is in a club. For instance, it is easy to get conned by untrustworthy locals or foreigners when they know I’m drunk. Other than that, if you have to drive back to your hotel, you can end up with serious DUI (drive under influence) charges, especially if you are in a state like Arizona where the DUI laws are too stringent. Though with the help of a reputed criminal defense lawyer you can lower criminal charges in Arizona, avoiding such a situation is always better, especially in a foreign place.


Besides, I had a pretty unpleasant experience a few years back. This is what happened. I visited a local club with a few friends I made on my flight. After having one too many, I started scolding the waiting staff for no justifiable reason, and they threw me out eventually. I have never felt more humiliated! I ended up losing my buddies, plus I have never thought about going back to that fantastic club again.


2. Disrespecting a Foreign State’s Culture

All places in different states have various cultures. Every time I visit a foreign region, I respect the people’s way of life and beliefs. This allows me to feel welcome, plus I don’t stick out like a sore thumb. Attracting attention for the wrong reasons is dangerous, especially when one is away from home.


Also, respecting a foreign state’s culture enables me to understand it and experience new, more fulfilling experiences. For example, during my trip to Bangladesh, I visited the Buddha Dhatu Jadi, a Buddhist temple near Balaghata. Before I entered the building, I removed my shoes. I also covered my shoulders and wore long but cool pants. My show of respect paved the way for me to learn so much about Buddhist teachings. Today, I even understand Buddha better.


3. Ignoring Traffic Rules

Disregarding traffic rules can cause some of the most distressing experiences. I know this because I was once involved in a scuffle with a traffic police officer in my state. Unfortunately, I ended up in one filthy police cell, and my mom had to part with some dollars to get me out. It was painful! When I imagine being in the same situation in a foreign state where I know no one, I make sure I follow every traffic rule. To know a particular state’s traffic rules, I research them before starting my journey.


4. Being Reckless

Whenever I’m abroad, I’m always cautious, no matter what I’m doing. Not compromising on my safety ensures that I get back home in one piece. Some of the things I don’t do to guarantee my security when I’m in a foreign state include the following:


  • Walking alone at night
  • Checking into unreasonably-expensive hotels I don’t know
  • Being rude to the locals
  • Hiring unreliable and untrustworthy taxi companies whenever I need transportation and don’t want to self-drive
  • Dining at unhygienic and unaffordable restaurants
  • Ignoring wearing a mask (wearing it helps me to avoid Covid-19 infection)
  • Interacting with people who are unfriendly, unkind, and disrespectful. When I do, I don’t trust them
  • Visiting interesting destinations without researching them first (my research allows me to know what to expect)

I believe that everyone has unique experiences when traveling abroad. Mine have been life-changing. Every time I visit a foreign destination, I understand myself more. My drive to explore the world increases because, honestly, it’s all so fascinating! To ensure that I have the best time, I avoid doing the things I’ve mentioned above. Also, I take time to plan my trips and budget.