Traveling by private jet is the epitome of luxury. No arriving at an airport hours before a flight, no limited legroom, no standing in queues for what seems like days. Instead, relax in the utmost comfort, crack open an expensive bottle of champagne, enjoy gourmet food and impeccable service, and arrive refreshed and rejuvenated.


I am lucky enough to have traveled by private jet on a number of occasions when I worked at a luxury travel publication, and it is something I never grew tired of. But the flight is just the beginning; there are some truly stunning locations best accessed by a private jet, so let’s take a closer look at where we can go.


1) St. Barts, Caribbean


Packed full of style, glamour, and laid-back Caribbean charm, St Barts has become a hotspot for those traveling by private jet. A mixture of beautiful beaches and a cosmopolitan atmosphere on the surface, but dig a little deeper and find several untouched fishing villages and gorgeous secluded coves ripe for exploring.


The island is only directly accessible by private jet, with the alternative being a flight to neighboring St Maarten and then taking a boat or plane shuttle.


2) Norman’s Cay, The Bahamas


Norman’s Cay deserves a place in this list for many reasons; not least, it is only accessible via private jet. Once there, it is a dreamlike retreat, filled with gorgeous white sand beaches and incredible snorkeling and scuba opportunities in clear azure waters.


It is also certainly one of the more exciting destinations on this list due to its chequered history; it was once the headquarters of a notorious drug-smuggling cartel from Colombia! Thankfully that has all changed, and it is now a uber-exclusive resort being developed by the owners of the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami.


3) Telluride, Colorado


For ski-lovers, the resort of Telluride in South-West Colorado will be like heaven on earth. Set against the backdrop of the stunning San Juan mountains, it regularly tops polls for the top ski resorts in North America.


Getting there is much easier by private jet, with passengers able to fly into Telluride Regional Airport just six miles from the resort, much closer than the nearest commercial airport, Montrose Regional, which is 90 minutes drive away.


  1. Easter Island, Chile


As one of the most remote places on earth, it is only natural that this mysterious speck of an island is best visited by private jet. It sits over 2,000km away from the nearest inhabited land, and that is the even smaller Pitcairn Island, which has a population of just 50!


At just 14 miles long and seven miles wide, the island packs a huge amount into its tiny frame and is best known for its 887 monolithic statues called Moai. With just a smattering of bars and cafes (and no trees at all!), it is an enchanting place to visit.


  1. Lanai, Hawaii


Lanai is one of the lesser-known Hawaiian islands, and this is partly due to the fact there is no direct commercial flight to the island from the US. Instead, visitors must fly into neighboring Maui Island then take a 45-minute ferry.


Of course arriving by private jet means that this is not a worry and the remote nature of Lanai accounts for the natural and tranquil feel that pervades here. Enjoy incredible snorkeling, dolphin, and whale watching excursions,  miles of untouched shoreline, and jaw-dropping sunsets.


  1. Paro, Bhutan


The charming town of Paro is the only entry point into the country of Bhutan for anyone arriving by plane, being the home to the country’s only international airport. Surrounded by the Himalayan mountains and with streets peppered with colorfully painted shopfronts and quirky restaurants, Paro has a completely distinctive feel.


The benefit of flying privately into Paro is that on arrival, an entry permitted is immediately secured, a process that could otherwise take a political stop in India and up to ten days waiting.


The beauty of traveling by private jet is the complete flexibility it offers, with the chance to fly almost anywhere and explore some truly incredible parts of the globe like these just mentioned. It is no surprise private air travel is becoming increasingly popular.