Traveling is not solely a hobby but a very significant part of my life. I love everything that involves traveling. I also read many books and articles and follow several travel blogs for up-to-date information and tips about locations, experiences, and ideas. I take advantage of all the available information and resources such as travel guides like this one about Iceland to educate myself about the areas I intend to visit. This gives me many ideas on how I should prepare myself and what to expect, and what not to. The following are a few travel blogs that I would recommend we follow as travelers – and yes, I didn’t just put my own down over and over! Even when one is not planning to travel, they are so good to read. You may however need a stable internet connection to read these blogs. Make sure to check with internet providers in las vegas (or elsewhere) and you’re good to spend an ample amount of time online.

World of Wanderlust

This is the top travel blog in Bloglovin that Brook Saward founded. It is one of my favorites. Saward has a real passion for traveling. She has always been my number one motivation and inspiration for traveling. Within a short time, her fascinating articles have gained popularity and a considerable following. The solo traveler analyses her travel experiences in her writings. She also has guides to specific countries and cities that one should not miss. She also has information on various adventures; for example, she wrote a beginners’ guide to safaris, which helped me when I booked the last experience I took.

Living in Another Language

Amanda and Derik founded the blog. They are a young couple who love documenting their travel and adventures across the globe. They also share many travel photographs on the blog, and the pictures are astounding. Apart from the travel experiences, they also talk about their lives, especially their traveling journey during pregnancy. The post about pregnancy and traveling is very insightful and will give pregnant travelers a lot of useful information.

Nomadic Matt

It’s one of the largest travel blogs that I run to when looking for excellent and insightful tips for long term travel. Matthew Kepnes has all the travel guides for great places to visit. He even includes excellent tips for traveling on a tight budget. Matthew has been traveling and blogging since 2006. His main aim when starting the blog was to encourage more people to travel. He is a travel expert and a New York bestselling author of the book ‘How to Travel the World on $50 a Day’ which was a huge success.

The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten is the founder of this inspiring and stylish blog in which she offers many tips about feminine travel. She is an award-winning female traveler who takes most of her trips solo. Her blog gives very insightful information on packing for a trip, travel tips, photography, and videography, especially for those who love traveling alone. Check out this blog for anything and everything a solo traveler requires.

Y Travel Blog

The founders Caz and Craig Makepeace, say they have been traveling for 23 years. They have lived in five countries and have traveled through more than 50 countries and still counting. This blog shows us that it is possible to travel with kids and enjoy every bit of the vacation. Through their inspirational blog, I have learned not to wait for the perfect moment to plan my next trip because there is no ideal time. They say the best time to travel is now, and this is my current mantra. Follow them for more insights and inspirations.

Classe Touriste

The blog is run by a writer known as Debbie Pappyn and photographer David De Vleeschauwer who has over 20 years of travel experience. In this blog, they share all their best travel experiences, favorite locations they have discovered, and several secret spots that I have added to my bucket list.

Xoxo Tours

Xoxo tours is a company blog that offers a social networking platform to solo travelers. This platform has helped me overcome the occasional loneliness of traveling by myself. I have connected with several other like-minded travelers, and we have been planning and undertaking various adventures together. The blog also has a vast collection of travel articles that give us much needed travel tips. The tips always come in handy every time I plan my next travel, and I would recommend them to any solo or group travelers.