The first step towards planning a successful vacation is choosing the right place to visit. When it comes to this, many of us will want to go to the most common locations. Choosing something that is away from what is considered to be popular travel destinations takes courage.


The best thing, however, is that most of the unexplored locations rather, the least talked about ones, usually have a lot to offer. In this post, I will share with you tips that will help you identify a suitable holiday destination if you are looking to try out a new location.


I have traveled many times to destinations where most of my friends would normally call boring. Their opinion mainly builds upon the fact that these locations are not in the news as much as the popular ones. However, in my spirit of adventure and on a quest to experience new thrills, I always visit new places. Each time, I come back thanking myself for having not listened to their advice. These are my tips on how to vet whether a location will make a suitable travel location.


1. Main Attractions

When on holiday, you want one significant thing to be the theme of your holiday. For example, when you visit the beach, swimming will be the highlight of that experience. For mountainous regions, it’s the hiking process that makes the time worth it. Same case with any new place you would like to explore, firstly identify the main attraction.


When I first thought of visiting China, I asked myself what caught my interest when it came to this vast country. At the top of the list was the culture of the people. Having watched several Chinese movies and read several books, the culture of these amazing people always blew my mind away. Secondly, the Great Wall of China was a must-see site for me. With these two, I could now plan other aspects of my visit there.


2. Availability of Accommodation

There are places on this vast universe that are inviting, but accommodation is a whole other story. Aside from the main attraction, the place that we spend our nights while vacationing will influence to what extent we will love the experience.


Before I visit any new destination, I always check what kind of accommodation is available in those areas. My research is usually very thorough. I will start by checking which hotels are available and how far they are from the sites I want to visit. Secondly, I also check whether there are any bread and breakfast types of accommodation or backpackers’ hostels. My preference for the latter two is because you can get someone to accompany you on the tour of that new location at no extra cost. However, occasionally I also like to check out more luxurious accommodations like Nizuc resort and spa in Mexico for a more relaxing vacation experience spent relaxing rather than constantly being away from the accommodation.


3. Accessibility

This is key and perhaps the most critical aspect to look for when thinking of vacationing anywhere. Depending on which mode of transport we would like to use, it may be possible or impossible to vacation at the destination of our dream. The accessibility of the location is especially important when looking to travel on a private jet. While they offer a lot of flexibility, many will desist from traveling to destinations that they deem too remote.


The first time I traveled to China, I wanted to visit a remote location in northern China. There were trains heading there, but because of time constraints, I wanted to fly there. I talked to a local private jet company and managed to get there and come back on time. I was lucky because usually, commercial flights don’t fly there.



A vacation does not always have to be in the most traveled holiday destinations. Try something out of the box and visit a new place by using the tips above to gauge the suitability of the location. You will surprise yourself by uncovering a new gem.