My name is Lola Bloomfield, and I have always been attracted to the unknown. I didn’t really have the opportunity to travel until I was 23 years old. At that age, I decided to go far away, on a whim, with an unexpected internship in Thailand. It was a three-month trip that made me realize how important travel would be in my life!

I am now in my thirties. As far as my background is concerned, I studied Information & Communication before working for 2 years as a Community Manager. But I didn’t manage to fit into the 9 to 5 mold, so I decided to give up everything to travel around the world and try to live from my first passion, traveling.

I am constantly on the road, whether alone or with my partner Peter. The most beautiful trip I have ever been able to make is without a doubt a 15-month world tour during which we crossed a dozen of Asian countries and part of South America. I keep a memorable memory of it and I realized that nothing is impossible in life. My two favorite things in the world are sunsets and fields full of blooming flowers – hence the name of this website.

This travel blog is a way to give you the keys to go far away. Because if I can travel so much, why can’t you?

Bloom Field NM has been helping you travel since 2012!

– I share my travels around the world to inspire you every day to discover new destinations.

– I give precious advice to help you travel more often and for longer.

– I also share my lifestyle and useful hints.

My presence on social networks is regular, and I like to exchange with my readers. So follow me on Facebook and Instagram! You should know that I have also created a section dedicated to personal development and spirituality. As for the name, it is a reflection of myself and my New Mind, opened by these travels!

The Spirit Of This Travel Blog

Find inspiration and many tips for your future trips via Bloom Field NM!

There is a common misconception that it takes a lot of money to travel and that not everyone can afford it. But there are a multitude of effective ways to reduce your travel budget.

I also know that beyond the problem of money, it is sometimes difficult to face one’s fear of the unknown and to find the strength to live one’s dreams.

But if you really want to know how to explore our beautiful planet, you’ve come to the right place! With my blog, you will have all the cards in hand to live your dreams.

More about my collaborations

As an entrepreneur, I live from my passion for traveling mainly thanks to this blog and the social networks that are linked to it.

Some articles are in partnership with the accommodation or transport companies as well as services dedicated to travelers or brands.

In order to provide you with quality content, I work with companies that I like and that correspond to my editorial line. I want to remain authentic and honest!

To find a topic that has been written in partnership, you will find a mention in the article to specify and explain it.

Yours truly,