Whenever I fly private, I choose the right private jet to suit my travel needs. There are several types of private jets, and to choose the right one, you must understand the differences between them. When selecting a plane, I consider important factors, including the travel destination and the number of passengers. Here, I share the different types of private jets and their impact on your travel experience.

Heavy Jets

I often go for heavy jets whenever I am flying intercontinental, mainly for business. Heavy jets are ideal for long distances due to their unmatched luxury and comfort. Heavy jets have a higher capability, and they offer a larger cabin space than smaller jets. Whenever I travel for business, the heavy jets help me relax. These private jets can most likely fly for 4.6 to 8.6 hours without refueling. The length of time a heavy plane can fly without refueling is determined by several factors, including the number of passengers on board. Also, a heavy private jet can carry between 4 and 12 passengers, depending on its size.

Super Mid Jets

I go for a super mid jet whenever I fly across the continent and need to travel fast and in comfort. I enjoy the roomy luggage space and cabins in the jets. I particularly love the super mid jets because of their fuel efficiency, which is unmatched by other jet categories. Super mid jets are usually my ideal choice when I am traveling with a group of friends or family. A super mid private plane could fly for 4.7 to 6 hours without requiring a fuel refill depending on the number of passengers aboard the jet. A super mid aircraft can carry between 4 and 8 passengers.

Mid Private Jets

Yes, I agree that mid jets aren’t the most powerful or the fastest. However, I often choose a mid jet whenever I am traveling for a certain mission. Compared to the heavy and super mid jets, the mid-private jets offer a limited cabin space. It is ideal when traveling alone or in the company of few people. If you need to fly private on a relatively short trip, I would recommend you to charter a private mid jet. A midplane can fly for 3.8 to 4.3 hours without stopping for a fuel refill. The jet will accommodate between 2 and 7 passengers.

Light Private Jets

Light business jets are small but fast, and I prefer them when flying for a short distance, mainly for business. The light private jets are ideal for business executives who are on the move. I like traveling on a small private plane whenever I am on a quick mission to a nearby destination.

A light private jet can go 2.8 to 3.4 hours without stopping for a fuel refill. However, this will vary depending on the number of passengers aboard the private jet. The light private jets will accommodate between 2-6 passengers, depending on their size.

Despite the size of the jet, private jets have one thing in common; they provide exceptional comfort and privacy. I can’t compare the experience of traveling privately to that of flying in a commercial plane. Even if I were to fly first-class, I would always prefer a private jet to a commercial aircraft. It doesn’t matter whether you go for a light or a heavy private plane; you will have a great experience.

However, to ensure that you get the most out of the private jet, you have to choose the right jet type.

The right private jet for a trip depends on the length or distance to be covered and the number of passengers. I prefer light jets to heavy jets while traveling for a short distance alone or in the company of a friend. When traveling long distances in the company of several people, I opt for the heavy or the super mid jets. The larger jets cover longer distances without stopping for a fuel refill. Choosing the wrong type of jet for a trip could ruin the travel experience. That is why it is better to first research the different types of charters planes available and choose the one which suits individual tastes and needs better. That being said, it can now be possible to book a charter flight from mobile phones by clicking this hyperlink. This means that interested individuals can now avail the benefits of easy booking and flight tracking just by touching a button on their mobile phones.